Rebuild & Recover

Recover & Rebuild

The threat of COVID-19 grew as the infection spread—a problem that soon became very real for thousands of restaurant operators and millions of employees. As the nation begins lifting restrictions, how will restaurants safely and effectively open their doors again?

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Explore how restaurants are pivoting in the face of crisis.

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Restaurant Recovery Summit

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a one-time event designed to address the unique circumstances the industry faces now.

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Technomic Operator Recovery Series

Join Technomic’s Operator Recovery series to get your playbook, full of recommendations for success regarding menu, consumer and overall industry trends. Register now.

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A post-pandemic future for food safety

One of the biggest challenges facing the foodservice industry, whether it be in a restaurant, at a c-store or in the grocery aisle, is how to make customers feel safe. In the restaurant, how do we convey cleanliness and safety to a cautions clientele? In the grocery store, how will prepared foods de...

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The Future of Food Service Kitchens: How to streamline and optimize equipment for smaller spaces

Join us on July 13 at 1pm CST to learn more about the future of foodservice kitchens and how to implement new technology to meet the needs of modern consumers.

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Editors’ Roundtable: Will the Delta variant hurt the recovery?

Editors note: Every so often, Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Maze gets down from his perch and demands his editors answer some question. Today he wants to know about the potential for more economic restrictions due to the latest coronavirus surge. JM: We’ve spent the past year and a half fighting our ...

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Uncle Sam cranks up another program that could help restaurants

If restaurants see a spike in business from families this week, they may have Uncle Sam to thank. Last Thursday, the federal government started sending sizable monthly checks to parents under a little-noticed part of the American Relief Plan, the same legislation that created the Restaurant Revitali...

Restaurant Business

Expect facemask requirements to return, health officials warn

With COVID infections spiking again, more areas are likely to follow Los Angeles County in reimposing requirements that facemasks be worn inside restaurants and other public places, regardless of an individual’s vaccination status, according to the nation’s top health official. The prediction fro...