Rebuild & Recover

Recover & Rebuild

The threat of COVID-19 grew as the infection spread—a problem that soon became very real for thousands of restaurant operators and millions of employees. As the nation begins lifting restrictions, how will restaurants safely and effectively open their doors again?

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Find out the latest developments in the restaurant industry from our talented team of editors.

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The Latest Research

Understand the impacts on every segment and facet of the foodservice industry with data-backed insights.

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Engage with fellow operators

What innovative ideas are your restaurant peers employing to stay afloat during the crisis.

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Impact on onsite foodservice

See how the outbreak is spurring change at K-12 schools, colleges, hospitals and more.

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Innovation in Foodservice Forum

Explore how restaurants are pivoting in the face of crisis.

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Restaurant Recovery Summit

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a one-time event designed to address the unique circumstances the industry faces now.

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Webinars to inspire

Restaurant Business

Webinar: How Brands like Panera are Winning Big with Subscriptions

A 30-45 minute presentation covering new methods in subscriptions and how they can improve your business. Featuring industry-leading speakers.

Restaurant Business

Webinar: The Tech-Based Future of the Kitchen

Restaurant Business Editor Peter Romeo speaks with Restaurant Owners and Lior Koren, product manager for Square for Restaurants on finding the best solutions for your business to adapt.

Restaurant Business

Webinar: How Restaurants are Adapting to Consumers’ Demands for Safety During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced restaurants to rethink many of their strategies, including how customers pay for their orders. Whether they’re paying ahead of time on an app or are using other contactless payment technology, one thing is for sure: the interaction between staff and customers when it comes to handling cash or cards has been minimized—or even eliminated altogether. Join Adyen, in partnership with Restaurant Business, on September 17, 2020 at 1 p.m. CT/2 p.m. ET for a webinar to learn more about how restaurants are adapting to this new reality, including how they’re handling payment to ensure customer and staff safety. You’ll hear about what technologies are currently available, how operators can implement them in their restaurants and how touchless service enhances the guest experience. Register now.

Latest from RB

Restaurant Business

California puts end to questionable third-party delivery practice

Delivery companies will now need a restaurant’s consent to be listed on their platforms.

Restaurant Business

Florida lifts COVID restrictions on restaurants

Eating and drinking places can immediately resume their pre-pandemic operations, including full use of dining rooms.

Restaurant Business

DoorDash accused of steering orders from non-partner restaurants

A lawsuit alleges the delivery company is listing these restaurants as closed or too far away in an attempt to redirect guests to official partners.

Latest from FSD

Foodservice Director

Washington clears the way for catering to ramp back up

The state is one of several that have lifted restrictions on foodservice operations this week.

Foodservice Director

Snacking offers comfort and convenience during COVID-19

Adapting to the rapidly changing environment is critical for survival these days.