Rebuild & Recover

Recover & Rebuild

The threat of COVID-19 grew as the infection spread—a problem that soon became very real for thousands of restaurant operators and millions of employees. As the nation begins lifting restrictions, how will restaurants safely and effectively open their doors again?

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Understand the impacts on every segment and facet of the foodservice industry with data-backed insights.

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What innovative ideas are your restaurant peers employing to stay afloat during the crisis.

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Innovation in Foodservice Forum

Explore how restaurants are pivoting in the face of crisis.

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Restaurant Recovery Summit

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a one-time event designed to address the unique circumstances the industry faces now.

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Restaurant Business

5 Ways to Drive Sales and Generate Engagement through Digital Signage

Join Atmosphere’s Lucas Burns, Enterprise Account Executive, to learn how bars and restaurants can leverage digital signage to drive sales and develop deeper relationships with customers. He’ll discuss why now is the time for businesses to leave expensive and wasteful print materials behind, share t...

Restaurant Business

How to balance digital and in-restaurant customers

Operators are struggling to prioritize the new digital customers they gained during the pandemic with the in-restaurant customers coming back. This discussion will help restaurants determine how to balance competing demands between new and old.

Restaurant Business

Fishing for Growth: Drive Sales and Satisfaction with Sustainable Seafood

Join us for a discussion with chefs from the extended Norwegian Seafood Council team as they share case studies and innovative ideas on how to integrate sustainable seafood into today’s retail and foodservice operations.

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Restaurant Business

Wyman Roberts led Brinker over the bridge and onto a new path

Editor's note: All week, Restaurant Business will run profiles of the five nominees for Restaurant Leader of the Year. Monday: White Castle CEO Lisa Ingram Tuesday: Cheesecake Factory CEO David Overton Today: Brinker International CEO Wyman Roberts Nothing in Wyman Roberts’ 30 years in ...

Restaurant Business

Warning of dire fallout from omicron, National Restaurant Association presses for federal restaurant aid

Nearly half the restaurants that didn’t get an infusion of working capital from the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF) are doubtful they will survive the pandemic without direct financial assistance from the federal government, according to the National Restaurant Association. The association ...

Restaurant Business

What'll it be for a COVID-wisened industry, experience or convenience?

Peter says: Nancy, if I had a bitcoin for every time I’ve heard the industry gush about the pandemic’s boost to off-premise business, I’d be close to your income bracket by now. I might even have enough digital dough to fund research into restaurants’ underappreciation of the other gale-forc...